Excerpts From Reviews of My Best Little Buddy

"Templeman writes from the heart, and his simple but powerful prose and the plentiful photos make the reader feel like he or she is right there with Tiger and his family. Perhaps that is the true magic of sharing such a seemingly ordinary story about a special cat: by sharing Tiger with the world, he becomes everyone's cat."

Ingrid King, The Conscious Cat

"This very well written book is in a class of its own! What amazes me about this book is that the author shares so many new experiences one by one in a conversational manner...I felt like he was almost sharing his story of himself and Tiger with me one on one. This is what makes this book stand head and shoulders above other animal stories that I have read. It is a story of love and trust and one that will truly inspire you. It has certainly inspired me."

Daisy S, Hall of Fame Top 10 Amazon reviewer

"The story that Tom tells is remarkable and heartwarming. It follows his relationship with Tiger, a grey tabby who was anything but average. It starts from the day that he brings the inquisitive cat home, and follows so many aspects of their lives together, and of course, the powerful emotional bond that they share. The entire story is truly delightful...I hope that the book helps others to see the beauty that an animal can bring to a person's life. The book itself is well written and edited. I really enjoyed the story...I can tell you that reading it is time well spent."

Arthur Bradley, Top 50 Amazon reviewer

​"I felt like I was reading a good friend's diary written about his fur-babies. I laughed at the antics of Sundae and Tiger - for example how Tiger taught the neighbor's dog Stormy to never set foot near his domain again. Also Tiger licking the biscuits - my Bruiser did the same thing. And I sobbed for Tiger at the end...the perfect tribute to such a wonderful kitty."

Yarii, Top 100 Amazon reviewer

​"When I sat down to read My Best Little Buddy, the book grabbed my heart and didn't let go. Anyone who has loved, and later lost a pet will be able to relate to, and delight in the documentation of Tom's years spent with Tiger, and the love that they shared. (Tom shares) 17 years of special moments...moments that we often take for granted when our pets are in their prime, that become cherished memories that are forever in our hearts when they are no longer with us."

Caren Gittleman, Cat Chat with Caren and Cody