In the Author's Own Words

My Best Little Buddy  is a heartwarming story of 17 years of love & friendship with a little grey tabby cat named Tiger, who we found as a kitten abandoned in a park and quickly became my best little buddy. During those 17 years he was my best pal, playmate, protector, comic relief, comforter, and laptime snuggler. Tiger was full of goofy personality; he was everything I could ever ask for in a pet. To many of my friends and family, including me, Tiger often appeared to be more of a little person disguised in grey striped pajamas than a cat, who viewed life like a perennial five year old! This book is written from the heart, as I share special stories of Tiger over the years that brought laughter, love, tears, joy, comfort, and many, many great memories.


40% of the profits from all sales will benefit Nashville Cat Rescue.

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